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Our group consists of people from many different backgrounds in the sciences. For example, Laura Miller’s background is in the biological sciences and mathematics. Current and former students have had training in mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and marine science. Undergraduate alumni have gone on to medical or graduate school in mathematics, computer science, engineering, and biology. Graduate and postdoctoral alumni have gone on to positions in engineering and mathematics.

All students who are interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to study problems in comparative biomechanics and physiology are encouraged to join the group! Prospective graduate students can find more information here.

Current Members


 Laura Miller

Associate Professor of Biology and Mathematics


 Lindsay Waldrop

RTG Postdoctoral Fellow


 Austin Baird

Mathematics Graduate Student


 Shannon Jones

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Graduate Student


 Alex Hoover

Mathematics Graduate Student


 Nick Battista

Mathematics Graduate Student


 Julia Samson

Biology Graduate Student