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Biology Department
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Mathematics Department
BCB (Comp Biology)
Focused Research Group

Biomechanics Research Groups

This list is far from complete, and I will be added more links regularly. If you would like to be added to this list, please e-mail me at lam9 (at)

Experimental Work on Insect Flight

Michael Dickinson’s Lab – Real and robotic fruit flies
Tom Daniel’s Lab – Experimental and mathematical work on insects and other creatures
Robert Dudley’s Lab – Insects, birds, and tetrapods, and more
Charlie Ellington’s Lab – All things relating to insect flight
Ty Hedrick’s Lab – Experimental and mathematical modeling of flight control

Computational Work on Insect Flight and Biofluids

Jane Wang’s Group – Computational fluid dynamics of insect flight
Applied Math Lab at Courant – Computational and experimental work on fluid dynamics relating to flying and swimming
Charlie Peskin’s Group – Computational biofluid dynamics
Aaron Fogelson’s Group – Computational fluid dynamics of biogels and clotting
Lisa Fauci’s Group – Computational fluid dynamics of swimming
Sorin Mitran’s Group – Computational fluid dynamics and immersed interface methods
Michael Minion’s Group – Computational fluid dynamics and immersed blob methods

Plant Biomechanics

Mark Denny’s Lab – Intertidal Organisms and Biomechanics
Karl Niklas – Plant Biomechanics
Steven Vogel – Twisting and bending, reconfiguration in winds, and other novel features of plants
Thomas Speck – Tree biomechanics

Animal Biomechanics

Mimi Koehl – Biomechanics of marine organisms
Michael LaBarbera – Murray’s Law and invertebrate biomechanics
Melina Hale – Biomechanics and neurobiology of fish swimming
Mark Westneat – Biomechanics of fish swimming
Robert Full – Terrestrial locomotion and biomechanics
William Kier – Invertebrate biomechanics
George Lauder – Fish swimming
Andy Biewener – Animal Locomotion

Comparative Biophysics

Sonke Johnsen – Visual ecology and bioluminescence
George Bowker – Electrostatics in pollen capture

Organ/Tissue Level Biomechanics

Greg Forest – Virtual Lung Project, biomaterials
Harold Layton – Kidney biophysics, mathematical biology\\ Anita Layton – Fluid dynamics of the kidney, computational fluid dynamics
Morteza Gharib – Fluid dynamics of the heart

Galleries of Fluid Dynamics

Water Walking
Fluid Dynamics Photo Gallery
Yakov Afanasyev’s Fluid Dynamics Gallery

Websites with other links to biomechanics information

A guide to biomechanics